Hafele hardware information
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Hafele Cabinet Hardware
We stock:
- Rosettes for 19mm (3/4") panel thickness
- Rosettes for 16mm (5/8") panel thickness
- Rosettes for 13mm (1/2") panel thickness
- Custom latches with 1/4" extensions for doors over 3/4" thick
- Latch spacers so you can use standard 19mm rosettes with thinner doors.
- Plastic knobs and plastic rosettes for economical installations
- 1/4" extension pins for the latch
- 1/2" extension pin for the latch

Component Combinations:
Remember, the basic installation for a 3/4" panel thickness is the Hafele latch with no spacers and a 19mm rosette. This insures a flush fit between the rosette and the knob when in the locked position. You may adjust for thinner or thicker doors by using several options such as:
  1. For a 1" panel use a latch with a 1/4" extension and the 19mm rosette
  2. For a 16mm (5/8") panel use a latch with no spacer and a 16mm rosette OR use the 19mm rosette and a 1/8" spacer between the latch and the door surface.
  3. For a 13mm (1/2") panel use a latch with no spacer and a 13mm rosette OR use the 16mm rosette and a 1/8" spacer between the latch and the door surface. OR use a 19mm rosette and two 1/8" spacers.
  4. For a 1-1/4" panel use a latch with 1/2" extension pin and a 19mm rosette.

Be cautious when using spacers as this will change where the latch striker engages the cabinet frame. You may need to install a strike plate to latch the door properly. We do have 90 degree stainless strike plates available in the "Component parts for Latches" category which is under the "Latches" category.

When installing rosettes in glass or mirror face cabinet door, be sure to use plastic rosettes to avoid breaking, chipping, or cracking the glass

When removing old rosettes, first remove the latch and knob as one assembly. Use a hacksaw blade to make a relief cut in the rosette body before pressing it out of the cabinet face. This will help avoid chipping the mica surface as the barbs on the rosette body will tend to grab the mica on its way out.