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Premium quality replacement instrument panels

The photos below show the finish with the protective film removed. Pictures of the panel sets appear dull because the protective film is still applied.

Beautiful, long-lasting acrylic reproduction panels for most Sea Ray boats from the 1980's - late 2000's. Deep clear finish protects the underlying woodgrain or other pattern. The Custom Burl and the Black Stardust are a deep high gloss and can be engraved so that backlighting can be used.

1. Custom Burl is a very close match to most of the original Sea Ray panels from model years beginning around 2001.

2. Black Stardust. This is a nice looking conservative black with silver specks throughout. High gloss


Please note our panels have a flat edge. Most panels will have opaque white backing so backlighting can be used. Some of the larger panels that hold heavy electronics will use a black backing that is more flexible and forgiving when making large cutouts for electronics.
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